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You Have Pumped-in 100% Efforts But The Results Are Not As Expected??
Troubled Finances?? Problems In starting a new Business??
Not sure whether it's the right time or not?
Ever felt that you are not getting what you actually deserve??
Did you always feel that some things are taking unduly longer time than they should actually take??

Then don't delay any further.

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We Make Our Customers More Lucky Than Others.

In Chennai, Since the late 1970's & early 1980's, we have gained expertise in Finding Solutions for Problems of thousands of people in INDIA and ABROAD by using
simply by reading a person's BIRTH -CHART (horoscope)

In some SEVERE CASES, along with POWERFUL ENERGIZED GEMS, we use SPECIALLY MADE YANTHRAS (Miraculous Talismans) and Rudraksha to find releif for Problems.
Started in The early 1915-1916's, - PADMASHRI GEMS (Formerly Padmashri Pearls of Hyderabad)
Has made a NICHE for itself specialising in GEMS, is NOW The Most Trusted and Auspicious Name in GEMS & INDIAN ASTROLOGY.

We are in the Business of making people LUCKY. YES!! Believe Us. If your scientific Temper does not agree, please go through some of our clients' letters to us. Even they did not believe us until they got to see the results themselves personally and practically.

We have almost stopped taking the Feedback from our Visitors about the "Effects of GEMS" as we already Proved It & our clients are seeing only positive results, after wearing our ENERGISED GEMS, recommended by our Expert Panel of Astrologers.,

But for a few visitors, who still have some doubts about the Powers of Gems & their effects, A few customers' opinions are attached here, for our Web Site visitors' reference, which speaks volumes about us.

Check Them To See How The Power Of Gems Has Helped Them....

   Mr.Balajiof WIPRO INDIA Ltd. says..
   Mr.M.Marichamiwrites from QATAR...
   Mr.T.S.Ravi Kiran of PCI Ltd.,India says..
   Mr.P.D.Kumar of Sandoz India Ltd., feels...
   Mr.S.S.Raman of Good Weld Industries opines..
   Mr.Mahadevan Formerly in SUN TV Network,Chennai,India, feeling great about his popularity says...

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We have a Team of Expert, Professional and Qualified Astrologers who are Trained Specially for Gem Selection, Rudraksh and Yanthra (Talismans or Instruments for positive Vibrations) Prescription For any Problems.
The team is selected and headed by  Mr. RAAJ SHEKAR B.Com., C.Gem., P.G., P.G.A.,
Certified Gemologist by the Forum of Indian Gemologists
" Certified Planetary Gem Advisor (Astro-Gemologist) by the Planetary Gemologists' Association.

Letter from Planetary Gemologists' Association to Padmashri Gems...

P.G.A.Certificate to Padmashri Gems by Planetary Gemologists' Association.
Various Problems Solved By PADMASHRI GEMS....
Services Offered and Description Of Problems To Be Referred

A) Accurate GEM Selection:     Selection Of your Lucky Gems for your Good Luck.

B) HOROSCOPE INTERPRETATION: Upto 3 Questions About Will Be Answered Along With Suitable   Gem Suggestion
                                                                                                      along with Other Remedies if required.
                                              Your Problems may be any of these...
(1) No Improvement in the Career Graph,
(2) To Stay ahead of bothersome Competition in Business and Profession,
(3) Delay In Starting A Project,
(4) Official / Personal Problems,
(5) Financial Improvement,
(6) Business Gains /Career Improvement ,
(7) Success / Better Chances In Legal Cases,
(8) Delayed Marriage,
(9) Marital Harmony (Problems in Married Life),
(10) Childlessness,
(11) Children's Future ,
(12) Education,
(13) Protection From Enemies,
(14) Health Problems, Stress,
(15) Protection From Money Loss, Money Retrieval (To get back blocked Money)
(16) Mental Peace, Loneliness and Spirituality...
             ......or Any problem which you feel is troubling you for long                  Click Here for the Order Form.

C) Horoscope Matching: To check the compatibility of the Boy and Girl for a marriage.


D) SUITABLE AND LUCKY NAMES CHANGING: For Persons, New Born Babies, Shops  and
                Establishments Etc., Based On Date Of Birth Of Individual / Owner Of Establishments.


E) VAASTU : For Luck, Prosperity And Mental Peace Through Positive Vibrations from our Energized Powerful Yanthra placed in your Home / Work Place, Offices, Shops and Establishments Or Any Place Where Vastu is not Proper.

No Major Alterations in the construction Are Required.

F) Sampurna Badha Mukti Yantra (Total Releif Yantra): Get Relief From Mental, Physical, Emotional Problems Or Any other Problem, by using Our Powerful Energized Yantra or Wearing Talismans, Packed In A Silver / Gold Capsule. Works best when used along with Suitable Remedial Gems.

A Quick Glance of Services Offered
A) Lucky Gem Selection

B) Horoscope Analysis
{ 3 Questions Analyzed & Answered}
C) Marriage Matching

D) Lucky Name Tuning
Astro-Numero Combined Analysis for Extremely Lucky & Suitable Name Tuning for existing Small / Medium Business, Corporate Houses & Individuals.

E) Vaastu Analysis & Remedy
Complete Vastu Analysis Just by Plan View. Minimum / No Major Alterations for old Constructions. Remedies by Pujas / Yantra wherever required.

(F)Complete Package
[Astro Gem Recommendation, Horoscope Predictions, Lucky Name Changing, & Sarva Kashta Mukti Yantra]

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All you have to do is, fill up the form and send it to us along with your payment in Favor of
PADMASHRI GEMS, Chennai, India.
We Will Send The Gem Suggestions and answers to your questions in English and send it to you within
10 working Days of receipt of the payment.
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   GEMS act like a SIGNAL RECEIVER, absorbing the colors and vibrations from the planets (TRANSMITTERS).
Like the Crystals used in Radio Receivers to transfer invisible radio waves into sound, GEMS attract the cosmic energy waves and transform them for use by the human energy system.
The rationale - behind the use of Gems to avert the evil effects of planets and to augment the good effects - is dependent on the colors and the vibrations of the various planets. The color of planets is reflected on the human body through the use of GEMS of Various Colors and creates an effect by absorbing the Rays and Vibrations of the various planets which would in turn influence the behavior of the person wearing the Gem to think in a proper way.
The Oxford Dictionary defines a "Gem" as (1) Precious Stone especially cut and polished,
                                                                 and   (2) A thing of great beauty or worth.
The popular saying " A thing of beauty is a joy forever" is very true in the case of GEMS.
 When man first started searching for valuables on the Earth, fine gemstones have been treasured as the elemental essence of the earth. A GEM'S outstanding beauty, it's rarity, it's ever lasting value, and the convenient portability has made Gemstones one of the highly prized forms of wealth in the world. In ancient periods, Gems were adorned by wealthy Feudal Lords, Mighty Kings and Emperors and of course, by beautiful maidens.
Even some battles also were fought for the sake of acquiring these Priceless Gems.
The Mogul invasion of India is one fine example.
Less known today of a Gem, are the potent astrological powers of fine gemstones which is the greatest Ultimate Value of GEMS.

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The pervasive white light of the universe is actually composed of seven primary colors VIOLET, INDIGO, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, ORANGE andRED {VIBGYOR} plus the two invisible Ultra-violet and Infra-red bands of the 9 Planets and Cosmic bodies.    Among all the elements in nature, GEMSTONES constitute the purest, most potent and concentrated forms of color, and therefore GEMS naturally resonate harmoniously with the energies emanated from their associated planets.

                                             The Vibrations of Various Planets were recorded as following:

Planet Name                                                          Frequency
SUN                                                             Approx-ly. 65,000 Hz.
MOON                                                                 "       65,000 Hz.
JUPITER (Guru)                                                   "     130,000 Hz.
RAHU                                                                  "       35,000 Hz.
MERCURY (BUDHA)                                             "       65,000 Hz.
VENUS (SUKRA)                                           Approx-ly. 130,000 Hz.
KETU                                                                   "       35,000 Hz.
SATURN (SANI)                                                    "       65,000 Hz.
Mars ( Angara-ka/ Mangal)                                   "        85,000 Hz.
                     And the EARTH is represented by YOU..            Vibrations varies from Person to Person..
(Each person has different vibrations. We will analyze a person's DATE OF BIRTH  to know his Vibrations and
his Suitable Planets' Vibrations.)

Various Gems when subjected to Radiation, the following Wave lengths (Vibrations) Registered:

Various Gems                            Corresponding Planets                           Frequency Range
1) Ruby                                            Sun                                                 Approx-ly.      70,000 Hz.
2) Pearl                                           Moon                                                     "          70,000 Hz.
3) Yellow Sapphire                             Jupiter (Guru)                                  Approx-ly.       50,000 Hz.
4) Gomedh (Hessonite Garnet)            Rahu                                                     "           70,000 Hz.
5) Emerald                                       Mercury (Budha)                                    "           75,000 Hz.
6) Diamond                                      Venus (Sukra)                                      60,000 to 65,000 Hz.
7) Cat's Eye(Vaiduryam/Luhsania)              Ketu                                            "             70,000 Hz.
8) Blue Sapphire                                 Saturn (Sani)                                    "              80,000 Hz.
9) Coral                                            Mars (Angara-ka)                                  60,000 to 65,000 Hz.

 Details sourced from various Astrology and Gemstone manuscripts.

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The practice of "birthstone" in current use throughout the Western world today has no basis in any system of astrology. It was originally attributed to the Judaic Breastplate of the High Priest, which suggested one Gem for each of the twelve tribes of Israel, which was later re-arranged for commercial purposes as "Birth Month Stone" - i.e., one Gemstone for each of the Twelve months.
Planetary gemology is based up the ancient Vedic (Sidereal) system of astrology that has prevailed undisputed in the Orient & The South East for thousands of years. Unlike the Western system, which is based upon the relative positions of Sun and Earth, Vedic (Sidereal) astrology is calculated according to the fixed positions of stellar constellations beyond the Sun and The Earth.
 LABORATORILY speaking, every human body is made up of different elements, various chemicals and minerals, each having different vibrations. These elements, minerals and chemicals act according to the color and Cosmic Ray Vibrations of various planets and give a different effect for different humans as per their body constitution depending on the Planets' different wave lengths.
Deficiency or more of these elements in a person will cause some disorders physically or mentally, which will change the person's behavior either in a positive or a negative manner. As we have told earlier, among all the elements in nature, gemstones constitute the purest, most potent and concentrated forms of color and also possess the vibration which is closest to the vibrations of the planets., and therefore gemstones naturally resonate harmoniously with the energies emanated from their associated planets. Using GEMS will supplement the deficient elements in our body by controlling the Cosmic Ray Distribution in the Human Body.
ASTROLOGICALLY speaking, every person is RULED and GUIDED by the Planets and other Cosmic Bodies. Whatever they do either good or bad, the planets' effect IS present -always. Every HOROSCOPE is UNIQUE.
{Horoscope is a chart containing the 7 planets in the Solar System along with the 2 Shadow Planets - Rahu and Kethu.}
Click HereTo Know What is Horoscope Actually???
Gems are prophetic. And as told earlier, EACH PLANET HAS A REPRESENTATIVE IN EACH GEMSTONE., which has the same vibration as that of a particular Planet. YOU should wear the Gem which will give positive vibrations of the suitable planet to YOU. This way you will receive POSITIVE VIBRATIONS OF THE SUITABLE PLANETS.
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Our scientific temper may lead us to rise our eyebrows when we mention the varied powers have been ascribed to Gems such as Curative, Talismanic, and Supernatural. Since all Gems are Natural ( formed in nature), a natural efficacy exists in them for the cure of diseases by neutralizing the effect of negative vibrations of the negative planets on Human Bodies.
By wearing a Gem Stone selected carefully after analyzing one's Horoscope based on one's Date, exact Time and Place of Birth, we can see Excellent results in solving any kind of human problems.
Analyzing a person's Horoscope accurately is one art that provides benefitswhich probably money cannot buy.
We at PADMASHRI GEMS do just that.
Our Satisfied Customers' List Bears Testimony of that.. Click Here to see....
It's most surprising, how some Gem lovers and those who want to wear GEMS for Astrological reasons, do not know to buy Only those Gems which are most suitable to them for solving their problems, which would make them more lucky and thus get protected from the evil effects of Negative Planets.
Wearing a Wrong Gem will prove very Dangerous and sometimes, very Fatal.
Experience has proven (See our satisfied customer list), the Vedic (Sidereal) System of Astrology to be far more ACCURATE and EFFECTIVE than the Western method in determining the astral forces at work in an individual's horoscope.
We have been successful in solving various problems of many people by analyzing the Horoscope in the Vedic System.

It is a matter of great solace that this divine science has been expanding it's branches all around the world in spite of the Technological Strides the Modern World is taking. Let us make this world a better place to live with the hope that the people of the Planet Earth would make use of these products of Mother Nature and usher into an era with people of good longevity, health, wealth, prosperity, peace and harmony in the coming years...

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Working Hours:Mon-Sat- 11AM-8PM, Sunday Holiday. Pls Confirm your appointment before visiting to avoid disappointment.

Key Contact : Mr. RAAJ SHEKAR B.Com., C.Gem (F.I.G)., P.Gem., P.G.A.(Bangkok)
Certified Gemologist by the Forum of Indian Gemologists
Astro-Gemologist, "Certified "Planetary Gem Advisor "  by the 
Planetary Gemologists' Association, Thailand.
Founder Member of the  prestigious

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.              .

Thank You and Good Luck.
We wish you Good Luck and success in all your ventures.

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